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Breeder and former exhibitor of Rex and Rare Variety Rabbits, now concentrating on the weird and wonderful!



I have been keeping rabbits for many, many years. And my dad kept rabbits for many, many years before me.

He bred New Zealand Whites, New Zealand Reds and Californians as meat rabbits, as well as ferrets, chickens and ducks.

Hence my childhood was spent amongst the animals and a succession of baby rabbits.

(Me in 1973)

My teenage years saw a collection of giant French Lop rabbits after I awoke one Christmas morning to my little sister's cry of, 'Oh, Annamarie, you've got a puppy!'

The puppy turned out to be Lucretia, my first French Lop, a gentle Steel doe that Father Christmas had left hopping around my bedroom floor.

Lucretia was a lot of fun; she spent many hours in my bedroom, and often ate my homework. Then dad bought her Thaddeus, a boyfriend, You know what happened next...

After I got married I hankered after a rex. I eventually fell in love with a black rex in Pets at Home in Kempston, who I bought home.

She lived to a good age of eight years, and started my rex addiction.

I saw the black otter rex at an Agricultural Show in 1999 - I had to have some!

After a lot of telephone calls, I managed to locate Angel, a mated doe in the London suburbs in early 2000. Sadly her first litter was scattered, so I had to persuade her breeder to let me have a buck too.

We brought Storm home in March 2000, and the rest is history. I had a Best In Show from my first litter, followed by numerous Best Rexes over the years, quite a few Best In Shows, Best Otter Rex at London and Bradford on a number of times, the pinnacle of my show career being Best Ladies Rex at Bradford, not once, but twice. One of my favourite Best In Shows was with a 12 week old baby, no mean feat!

'STAR' BRC01E07707 - My first Best In Show winner and features on the Burgess poster and in the Fancier's Guide to the Rex Rabbit by John Hodgkiss.


Here is one of his diplomas:

On Victory Row at Bradford in 2007 with Bellatrix. Photo taken from Fur & Feather magazine.

Column 3 Row 4:

Some of the rosettes I have won:

Here is a photo of me explaining how an Otter Rex should look at Northampton Show, Castle Ashby Country Fayre, July 2010.

Following a broken hip on Christmas Day 2009 I have taken a couple of years away from showing as I find driving long distances more than I can cope with.

I now only have occasional litters of unusual mixed breed rabbits for sale in order to further my knowledge of genetics.

Please telephone or email for further details.


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